An imagined scenario, would you believe it?

My friends and I just graduated from medical school in the United States. The Haitian government made a deal with the US and as Haitian-Americans, our loans will be exempted (or lowered) if we work for a hospital in Haiti. We decided to work at the University Hospital of Mirebalais and are thrilled to have access to room and board at a new residential village the government is building in Morne à Cabri. We will be living in this community with people who have lost their homes in Port-au-Prince during the earthquake but were able to find a job in neighboring cities via a rigorous campaign boosting and promoting the existing industries of the Plateau Central.

The government sent us pictures of the interiors of the house. They are modest but beautifully designed and well ventilated… They really fit the tropical climate of Haiti. We also received a contract with rules we have to follow to live in this new community. We will have running water, flushing toilets, electricity 24/7, but we have to take part in the reforestation of the area. “Yon ayisyen, yon pyebwa” is the motto of the ministry of the environment and we have to abide to a law requiring each inhabitant of Morne a Cabri to plant a tree and take care of their garden.

(to be continued… maybe). 

Picture retrieved from the Haitian Prime Minister’s Facebook page