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I am eager to watch Raoul Peck’s documentary “Assistance Mortelle”, on the negative impact of the international attention Haiti received post-earthquake. This documentary has already triggered so many interesting conversations. It is great to have a Haitian professional relate his/her own people’s story to the world.

Nevertheless, I am reminded of an article Junot Diaz, our next-door/border neighbor wrote about the earthquake of January 12, 2010. He described the natural disaster as “A Disruptive Event that Provoked Revelation”. Indeed, the earthquake has revealed the sad truth about poverty and injustice. Poverty is a powerful business motored by greed and immediately followed by ‘philanthropy’.

The optimist in me believes we will benefit from the widely published revelations that occurred after our apocalypse, but the pessimist in me plays all the beautiful songs about Haiti’s suffering, … they tell the same story… over and over again….. our culture is anchored in a concept that may never change.

Revelation, Resignation, Assistance Mortelle, Accompagnement Éternel?