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On Friday April 5, the Comité d’Union et de Support aux Municipalités (CUSM) held a conference at the Palms Hotel with Professor Jean-Marie Théodat and Pétion-Ville Mayor Yvanka Jolicoeur Brutus. Professor Théodat made a presentation on the city’s history and  Mayor Brutus talked about the Town Hall’s activities and its plans for the future. It was interesting to have Theodat remind us that Pétion-Ville is the only Haitian-established city (all other cities were established during the French colonization)  and also inspiring to have the Mayor explain and defend the necessity to tackle Bois Jalousie with a sense of respect for its inhabitants. As engineer Clément Bélizaire from the Unité de Construction de Logements et Bâtiments Publiques (UCLBP) explained multiple times over the past weeks, the Bois Jalousie project is not only about applying paint over an informal town. The UCLBP is simultaneously working on various infrastructural aspects of the region, such as providing road access through the densely populated hillsides and even getting rid of latrines (toilets composed of a deep whole dug into the ground) to instead implement flushing toilets. The UCLBP will soon install lamp-posts in the town, and will also build a basketball court for the community.