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An employee at Kinam Hotel  took a picture of UCLBP’s painting project in the densely populated neighborhood of Bois Jalousie’s hills. The image was posted on Facebook on which this comment was made: “I wish I spent my weekends there”. Although the Facebook user probably meant she would like to spend a weekend at Kinam Hotel, the fantasy of spending a weekend at Bois Jalousie seemed possible with, of course, a stretch of imagination. As Patrick Vilaire dared to imagine a colorful Prefete Duffaut painting, stretched out on Bois Jalousie’s hills, tourists could imagine visiting Bois Jalousie to find the next new café, and [eventually] the next new guest-house to stay in….

As an example, I thought about Santorini in Greece. Perched on the hillsides of the volcanic island, small houses seem to offer spectacular views and great amenities for an ideal vacation…. [to be continued]