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On how a makeover of the facade of Hotel Oasis in Pétion-Ville could also speak to the need of  more trees in Bois Jalousie. 

Hotel Oasis’s Southern facade, faces Bois Jalousie’s perched community. Its color palette is not far from the colors of Prefete Duffaut’s paintings. However, due to the scale of the building, the facade creates an imposing wall towards the Jalousie hills. In a desert, an oasis is spotted from very far, thanks to its dense vegetation. Could the facade of Oasis illustrate its title more properly? Perhaps via a… living green wall (plantes grimpantes)?

Could this also be an opportunity to trigger the conversation for the need of more trees in Bois Jalousie as the dense community is undergoing a major retrofit?

What amazing dialogue could take place between both ‘distant’ yet parallel worlds?

During an inspiring talk by Oasis Hotel’s CEO Jerry Tardieu, the successful entrepreneur mentioned how [in the tourism industry] the Haitian labor force performs very well in other countries, such as the Dominican Republic and the United States. This labor force is able to offer a service that meets the standards required in Five Star Hotels.

However, our compatriots who live in foreign countries and work in the hospitality sector,  go back home in the evening and enjoy a minimum of standard that they could only dream about here in Haiti. They are probably able to perform well in Five Star Hotels abroad because they can relate to a certain level of comfort. They can understand the concept of working harder to provide a service that is not “basic” but desired as a luxury… [more coming soon]