“It’s the moment to rebuild this country on better foundation and we have to do it around education and business”

Danielle Saint Lot, former Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism

NPR interview: The Role Of Women In Rebuilding Haiti

Danielle Saint-Lot is the former executive director of Haiti’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry and its former Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. She co-founded Haiti’s Femmes en Démocratie in 1998, one of the oldest and strongest Vital Voices chapters in the Latin America and Caribbean region. Before the earthquake of January 2010, the chapter thrived, with programming in political participation, women’s entrepreneurship and the protection of legal and human rights. The chapter focused on women’s economic empowerment, creating linkages across social classes, municipalities and special interests. Altogether, Femmes has trained over 1,200 women micro-entrepreneurs, developed a network of over 500 women electoral observers, and organized the country’s most distinguished annual trade fair for female entrepreneurs, showcasing their work and connecting them to buyers and export markets.