A good, asphalted road takes you into the southeast of Haiti, to Jacmel, 80 kilometres from the capital Port-au-Prince. Once in the town of Jacmel, with the “elf” service station on your right, make a left turn into the Avenue Baranquilla, in the direction of Marigot. Continue on for roughly seven minutes and follow the indication of the hotel.

If you are not traveling with your own or a rental car, we suggest that you come to the hotel by taxi ( from the Port-au-Prince Airport to the Hotel roughly 85 km). Another possibility is to take a taxi to the “Jacmel” bus station in the centre of Port-au-Prince ( 5 km from the airport), then take on of the colorfully painted busses that will take you to Jacmel. Once in Jacmel, you will have to take another bus (Service Plus) or a “Tap-Tap” (a small pick-up) which will take you to the Cyvadier station, not far from the hotel.

I traced the route on Google map: 

One takes Route Nationale 4 from Port-au-prince to Jacmel. To reach Cyvadier, taking a left after the “Elf” station unto Avenue Baranquilla, does not apply anymore now that Elf no longer works in Haiti. That’s what happens when there are no street signs in a city!